Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The time of Advent is here! Advent refers to the coming or arrival of Jesus Christ. During the season of Advent we celebrate the first coming of Christ. There are many different way to celebrate or remember at this time of year. I'm going to share a couple today and more as we get closer to Christmas. We are going to try to do something special each day to remind us why we celebrate Christmas.

1. We started a couple weeks ago by getting some special candles. Scent is a big part of any experience for me. I love to find a yummy smelling candle to make my house smell good!We went to the Yankee Candle store and took our time smelling all the candles until we picked the perfect one!

2. We set up our Advent Wreath. All you need is a wreath, candle holders and candles. You light one candle each Sunday starting on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The fifth candle is lit on Christmas Eve. We like to sing songs and read scripture while the candle or candles are lit. A good book to read is Christ in Christmas A Family Advent Celebration. (There are various authors for this book.)

3. We made Glitter Bells with different names of God on them. We hung them up as a reminder to why we are celebrating. Pants really enjoyed this craft.  Pie Pie got into it a little later.

4. We set up our Nativity. Pants and Pie Pie were especially excited to get this out. We only get it out at Christmas Time. I got a Fisher Price set when Pie Pie was little. I love it because the girls can play with it and act out the story. I would also like to get a special Nativity just for me! I've seen some very beautiful ones. Maybe next year!

Webkinz, gotta love them!

5. I have wrapped some Christmas books. I plan on letting the girls each open one occasionally to read before bed. These are not new and some are from the library. I just thought it would be a fun surprise! We'll see if it is! It's definitely not going to happen every night. That would be fifty books I would have to wrap! 

More ideas to come!
How do you keep Christ in Christmas!

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