Saturday, April 20, 2013

Giraffe from the Planet Neptune

We finally got some Sculpey Clay.
 I have wanted to do this art project since before Christmas!
 I was inspired by a Nativity set made out of clay by a blogger around that time. My future goal is to make the whole nativity. Here is the tutorial post from the great crafty blog Then she Made. In my post we wanted to make our own creations, but we used her post as a guide through the process and it was very helpful.

Here is our whole zoo of animals, along with the zoo keeper!

Here is the giraffe from Neptune!
Pants' Mole and Bunny joined the giraffe for this picture.
We learned that you shouldn't make the necks on your creatures quite so long. We had to give the giraffe a scarf to help his neck stay in place. We are learning as we craft.
Here is a close up of the mole Pants made.
Here is our cute bunny. I think the color looks like bubble gum!
Pants showing off her buddies!
Here is Pie Pie's masterpiece: A hippo from Jupiter! She added a very pretty bow.
We had lots of fun playing with this clay!
It is also relaxing working with the clay, so if you need a break from daily school life get some Sculpey clay and start creating!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Molly McIntire: An American Girl

At our local library they often have brochures for interesting places you can visit. I happened to see a flyer that had information about a Molly Play. I love American Girls! (If you don't know who American Girls are you can check them out here.) My daughters have recently begun to love them too. I thought this would be a fun trip that we would all enjoy.

This was a fabulous show. It was performed by kids from The Rainbow Theatre. Pants loved the part when they put on a pretend radio show. It was very funny! Can you believe thay didn't watch T.V. then?!
I liked the part where they got pretend water dumped all over their Halloween costumes.
After the play we got a chance to talk to the cast as they served us drinks and yummy treats. I think Pants loved her brownie just as much as the play. I wasn't complaining either!
Pie Pie chose a delicious cupcake.
After the play we had a chance to explore the museum. There was a room with all kinds of historical items you could touch and play with.
The girls had a lot of fun in this room!
I had some fun too!
Have you heard the latest?
I like to take silly pictures of myself and put them on the Internet!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

In Be-Tween the Pages of a Great Book

I started reading tween books for my daughter,
but I have continued to read them because I love them!
In the beginning of my search for great tween books I thought there weren't any good books left. Boy, was I wrong. I have found some great books to read.


The first book I am sharing today is A Dog's Life by Ann M. Martin. My daughter loves animals, so I decided to give this book a try. It is written from the perspective of a wonderful female dog named Squirrel. It starts from when she is born and goes all the way to the end of her long life. She learns how to live on her own in any place she lays her head at night. I love how this story ends with her finding the perfect owner and place to call home. I just found another book in this series about the brother of Squirrel. His name is Bone. I am very excited to read his adventure too!

The second book I would like to share is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. When I borrowed this book from the library, my first thought was how is the book going to live up to it's title! I did love that little white bunny with the red suit on the cover, so I went ahead and borrowed the book. I had also recently read another book by this author that I didn't particularly like. It just goes to show just because you don't like one book by an author doesn't mean you won't like one of their other books.
This rabbit's journey WAS truly miraculous. I loved every word in this book. From his first owner to his last. He spends some time in the ocean, riding the rails with a hobo and even gets all spruced up in a fancy doll shop. He learns how to love and be loved all along his journey! This book is a favorite of mine!
I only have two books for you today, but if you would like to see my first post about Tween books just look right here.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


At Easter
The princesses.
Pants getting ready for the AWANA egg hunt.
She found lots of eggs.
Pie Pie found a prize egg and was awarded a giant chocolate bunny!
We got a chance to color some eggs with our friends.
Hunting for more eggs!
Our beautiful Pie Pie.
Pants swiped a daffodil!
I couldn't get Pants to look at me!
Pie Pie in her funky Easter dress with her new wicked shoes!
Pants know how to pose when she wants to!
I love taking pictures and these Smiles posts are a way to share them and remember all that I am grateful for in my life!