Monday, July 16, 2012

What's Your Favorite Subject?!

This is the second week in the Back To (Home) School Carnival.

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We are beginning our fourth year of homeschooling for Pie Pie. She is pretty set in what she likes for school, but there are some new things we are trying this year. I'm going to share her eclectic curriculum first, then we will move on to Pant's stuff! (I am still figuring some things out, but this is what we have planned so far.)

For Math we love Math-U-See! It is the best for both of us. Math is not a strong subject for me, so we watch the DVD together and then I can explain more if needed. The blocks are very helpful. I finally feel like I am understanding Math too! This is one subject we are a little behind in, but I am confident that she has a full understanding of the Math she has learned. That is what is most important to me.

For Language Arts we will be using Bob Jones University English 3. We were given a copy of the Teacher's Manual for grade 2  last year so we gave it a try and liked the book. When Pie Pie likes something we stick with it. I still have this on my list to buy for the coming school year.

We are going with something new for Bible this year. I have yet to find something we both like that I can afford. We were actually given this curriculum, so I figured why not try it out. We have a Devotional book we do daily and Pie Pie will be in AWANA this fall.  At AWANA she learns Bible Verses and has a Bible message. She gets to play games and have fun too!

For Handwriting this year we are trying out Handwriting Without Tears. I have allowed her handwriting to be pretty horrible so far. She hates to write so I was just happy she was getting anything down on the page. I have heard great things about this writing program and I'm hoping Pie Pie likes it too. After she finishes this book I plan to move onto to the cursive one. I am also considering a typing program if any one can direct me to a good one.

In History we are studying the U.S. We are going to start at the end of the Revolutionary War, where we stopped last year and work until the end of the school year. We do all kinds of fun projects and I get books from the library. One type of  learning book we use is History Pockets by Evan Moore. We did a couple last year and I can usually borrow them from the library. I also try to find some books about women through history. I like Pie Pie to get an idea of what it would have been like if she had been alive in each time period.

In Geography we have been learning about the different states in our country. We use the Which Way U.S.A . books and maps. It's more like a game and fun than work. We also read books and do a few worksheets from the Internet.

For pretty much everything else I rely on the Core Knowledge Series. This book helps me get an idea of what they should be learning in each grade. I pick my Science topics from there. We do a lot of hands on in Science and get books from the library. I also look at what they suggest for Music and Art.  I am still looking for a fun spelling program if any one can help me out in that subject. 

For Pants this year I am planning on using Rod and Staff. I have been told this is a good program for a child her age and it is a good price. I have it on my list to buy as well. Pants will  be participating in subjects with Pie Pie and she loves to be read to. I would like her to learn how to read, but we will see. We will  be going over money and time in simple ways. I also recently found out about Sensory Tubs (I know I'm late to everything!) and would like to try some of them out. I know both of my girls would like them.  

I am praying about starting a homeschool group at my church. I have some ideas that would be more fun with a group of kids. I am definitely going to be keeping it simple! 

Thanks for reading and make sure you come back for the third post in this series next Monday!
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P.S. Pie Pie says her favorite subject is Geography!


  1. I love History Pockets. We use them alot in our studies. Looks like a fun year!

  2. Thanks you. We hope you have a fun year too!

  3. MUS has made me so much better at math. lol Love it! We have used a lot of the history pockets too. Super fun and easy.

    I've only ever heard rave review about All About Spelling. I plan on using it with my youngest when she's ready. I have several friends who use it and their kids always tell me that spelling is their favorite subject. Weird, right? lol

    Popping in from the Blog Hop.

    1. Thanks Stefanie! I'm still deciding on the Spelling program!