Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Turkey Hill Experience

It seems as if I have been working on this post forever! I'm not even sure when I started it, but it is getting published today!
Daddy had an unexpected day off, so we decided to visit The Turkey Hill Experience. It was a great trip. I had promised the girls we would go and they were very excited!
When you get there you are invited to make your own ice cream flavors. We did the experience on their computers, but you can also visit their Taste Lab and actually make your own ice cream. Pie Pie made a very yummy flavor.

They even got to design the package for their ice cream.

Pants made one too! She had to put her favorite color in her ice cream. Pink! Which is actually a bit purple.

Here are the girls working on the computers to make their very own ice cream.

They are both definitely nuts!

Before you leave don't forget to get your free ice cream!
Pie Pie had Dutch Chocolate, Pants had Party Cake, Daddy had Peanut Butter Cup and I had Maple Walnut.

This was a very delicious Field Trip!