Saturday, January 26, 2013


Simple Christmas
I am finally catching up on my blogging! December is not the best month for me, but I finally feel like the fog is lifting and I am back to what I call normal. Last Christmas I went all out and did lots of stuff, this year I decided to keep it simple. We still had fun!
This was one of the pictures taken by my fabulous sis-in-law Jessi! Pretty much speaks for itself!
The girls had a great time setting up the tree with Daddy.
Odd angle makes Daddy look like a GIANT!
Santa Pie Pie asking Pants what she wants for Christmas.
Christmas Eve at my parents' house.
Pie Pie took this picture of Daddy and I.
Cousins playing with their new toys.
This year Daddy and I decided to do a Stocking Scavenger Hunt!
Found them!
Pants got Daddy "Peanuts!".
Posing with the giant present.
Pants definitely liked it.
( For those who are curious, it is Barbie furniture.)
Daddy and my favorite breakfast! I assemble it the night before and pop it in the oven when I get up. Then it's like someone else made me breakfast!
We spent Christmas day with Daddy's family.
We played a fun new game called Telestrations and Apples to Apples.
We also ate lots of good food and Hello Dolly Cookies!
Right now I am feverishly reading children's chapter books!
Trying to find some new reading for Pie Pie!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wacky, Fun Stuff!

Now, we all know that everyone has a few quirks. It's what makes us all unique. I thought it would be fun to share some of the interesting stuff that makes me different. It's not gross or scary, so please keep reading!
1. You may know that I love Skittles, but do you know that I eat them in a certain order. It varies as well. I usually start with the purple ones which are my least favorite. Then I move onto the yellow, orange, green and last of all red. I love red ones! If you see me with a handful of red ones you had better not steal them. Only my immediate family can get away with that!
2. I love Nickelodeon teen shows. I have loved them since I was an actual teen. It all started with Hey Dude! and Clarissa Explains It All. Does anyone else remember those shows?! My latest favorites are iCarly and Victorious. My girls and I have a great time watching these funny shows together. I think that the shows are so goofy and silly. I just wouldn't want to clean up after the messes they usually make!
This is only the first part of fun stuff about me, so come back soon for more!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

12/12/12~Pie Pie's Ninth Birthday!

Pie Pie has been nine for over a month now! I just haven't had the time to post all about her special day! She really is growing up, I was just thinking yesterday how nice it is to have conversations with her. She is also reading the first Harry Potter book so that is also fun to talk about.
For her cake she chose her very first animal on Animal Jam. Animal Jam is her very favorite thing to do in the whole wide world! This is a game you can play on the Internet that is all about animals. What's not to love!?
She got many very awesome presents including some Wii games, which she loves almost as much as Animal Jam.
She had a friend sleep-over at the beginning of January, where there was hardly any sleeping, but there was a lot of fun! We had ice cream sundaes and the girls took turns playing Wii.

My Pie Pie and me on her birthday!
She is maturing so fast,
but I am enjoying each and every day of getting to know her even better!