Sunday, August 31, 2014

We Draw Animals Review and Tutorial

I was recently asked by Kathleen Wilson of  We Draw Animals to share a tutorial and a little bit about her great website. This website is a neat place to learn all about different animals and how to draw them. They have taken the time to include interesting information about each animal. There are over 500 different animals!
My girls have recently developed a love of My Little Ponies. When Kathleen asked which animal I would like her to make the tutorial of, I picked a pony. I thought it would be neat to take her original design and add some fun pony accents. You could add some wings or a unicorn horn to make it look like your favorite pony!

This website would be an educational place to check out for Art or Science classes. There is even a section about plants.
Have some fun this week drawing and learning on We Draw Animals!

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