Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Games Kids Play

I recently had the honor to find some games for the kids at a family picnic! It wasn't easy, but I think I found some that the kids enjoyed.

1. Animal Motions Game
This was a game where the kids split into two teams. Each child is given a slip of paper with an animal name written on it. You have to pretend to be that animal in the race. The first team that gets all their players back first wins. Pants was a horse so she had to gallop!

2. Egg in Spoon Race
We played this classic game with plastic eggs instead of real ones. You just have to balance your egg in the spoon during the race.

3. Lunchbag Launch (From Family Fun Magazine)
 I stuffed six paper lunchbags with newspaper and taped them shut (to make them into balls). Then you use a spatula to launch the bags into laundry baskets. We let the younger kids just toss the lunch bags into the baskets.  

4. Dress Fast for Success (From Family Fun Magazine)
We didn't get a chance to play this one, but I wanted to share it anyway. (It was too hot to ask the kids to put on anymore clothes.) In this game you need some over sized clothes and oven mitts. The goal is to see who can get dressed the fastest while wearing the oven mitts.

5. Bean Counting (From Family Fun Magazine)
In this game you need some tweezers, 2 bowls and beans. The goal is to see who can put the most beans in their bowl the quickest. This was also just fun to do on your own.

6. Peanut Scramble
This was one of my favorite games from my childhood. We always played this at the family picnic when I was little. You just take a bag of peanuts and put a mark on however many you want. The ones with the marks get a prize. Then you just scatter them around and let the kids scramble to get them! The kids at my picnic extended this game by playing Pound the Peanut!  They pounded them on the table and whoever crushed the most peanuts won! I know this sounds rather crazy, but they were having a good time. I'm the kind of mom that feels as long as you aren't hurting anyone or anything it's cool with me!

7.Lollipop Pick
This is an oldie but goodie. You get a bunch of lollipops and put a mark on the bottom of some of them. The kids take turns picking a pop and whoever has the marks wins a prize. The kids threw their own spin on this game too.  They basically just kept pulling them out until they found the lollipops with the red mark. Oh well, they had a great time and that was my goal for the day! I like to go with the flow when it comes to kids, what else can you do. It's all about them........................... Sometimes!!

What's your favorite game to play??!!

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