Sunday, July 3, 2011

Malulani Dancers


The other night we had the pleasure of viewing the Malulani Dancers. There are many different styles of dance, some are fast and some are slow. They also perform Praise Lyrical which I feel is particularly inspiring. Anything that brings glory to the Lord is a blessing. There was awe-inspiring costumes and creative headpieces. Each costume exceeded the last. Now keep in mind that the girls were dancing when I took these pictures, but I think I managed to get some beautiful ones
I also tried to get all of the different instruments they used during the show.

I thought these were really interesting.
They were lava rocks also known as Ili'ili.
The girls held the rocks in their hands and clicked them together to the beat. It looked really difficult, but

This is a type of drum. It is a hollowed out gourd that is called an Ipu. They would use their hands to pat the beat.

These are called Uli ulis. They are hollowed out gourds that are decorated with feathers. They would shake their uli ulis to the rhythm.

These are split bamboo sticks. They are called Puili. They would strike them together.
Originally the Polynesian dancers wore grass skirts. When the dancers started to perform on television, in the 1940s and 1950s, the grass skirts were not as visible in black and white. So the dancers started to wear the shiny cellophane skirts for those performances.
Pants was ready to join in with the dancers.

They also perform with drums and all other kinds of neat instruments. We are considering going to one of their bigger events next year. This was one of the free events I had planned to attend this summer. You can come too next year. We are all one big Ohana!    

(Just so you know Aloha means Hello and Goodbye.)

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