Monday, July 25, 2011

Crystal Cave Trip Down Memory Lane

We did a study on Geology this year. This included a study on Caves. When we finished the schoolwork, I promised Pie Pie we would go on a field trip to Crystal Cave. I finally fulfilled this promise last week.

I am kind of a thrifty mom (I try) and I wanted to be able to get a group discount. Because of this I decided to post our upcoming trip on Facebook. I posted it as an event to see if I could get friends interested so I could get that special discount. I was lucky enough to have enough friends to go with me!

It just so happened that two of these friends were people I haven't seen in a very long time. The one was someone I haven't seen since Pie Pie was born. She is seven now! The other one was a very good  friend from High School. It was great to see these two friends again. See Facebook can be a good thing! I also had many of my newer friends come. It was definitely an eclectic group.

My favorite part of the trip (besides my friends) was the temperature in the cave. It was a perfect 54 degrees. Many people were wearing sweatshirts. I was perfectly content in my tank top and shorts. I was ready to sit down, open a book and enjoy my day.

Pie Pie was fond of all the animals that were pointed out to us in the rock formations. Her favorite was the shy alligator. We were entertained by the tour and appreciated  the fun time we had with our friends.

P.S. We didn't find any gold, but some golden memories were made!

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