Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pie Pie Makes A Pie

Whenever our family has a a get-together I always ask to make the dessert. It's my favorite part of the meal and it's what I'm good at making. I got into the habit of asking Pie Pie and Pants what we should make. Pie Pie's favorite dessert, so far, is a chocolate pudding pie. I know you're all jealous because that is probably the easiest dessert in the world to make. I don't think she realized how easy it is to make and I wasn't about to tell her. If you could make your kid happy that easily would you tell them?!

 This past holiday I decided she was going to make the dessert. At first she was nervous because she thought it was going to be too difficult, she realized quickly that she was wrong! Then she thought it was too easy.  I explained as long as something is tasty it can never be too easy to make.

I did give her the option to make something else, but that is what she wanted to eat. So that is what we made. We did switch it up a little this time and used Cookies and Cream pudding instead of chocolate. She made it by herself. I did pitch in with the pouring. It turned out delicious. She actually liked it better than the chocolate pudding pie!
So what will we be making next time? Only Pie Pie knows!

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