Thursday, March 28, 2013

Craft Support for the Less Than Crafty

I am one of the less than crafty Moms.
 I admit it.
 I need a craft that is easy to do and doesn't take a lot of supplies to get the craft done. I like the craft to mostly be done by the child. I don't mind a mess as long as you get to have fun in the process!
Pie Pie recently went to an event where she made a craft that is for Moms just like me! It is very simple and my kids liked it.
A Zebra made by Pie Pie.
You only need a few supplies to get the craft put together.
1. card stock
2. clothespins (the ones with the springs in them)
3. scissors
4. markers
You start by drawing an animal shape onto the card stock. You want to leave off any part where you want to use a clothespin. Then you cut out the shape and draw on animal details. Don't forget the clothespins! They need faces and colors too.
Animals made by Pants.
Your child can use their imagination to make whatever animal they would like. We used a clothespin to make the neck of a giraffe, clothespins for ears of a rabbit and/or a clothespin for a trunk of an elephant! These can be used for almost any study where animals are involved. I am planning on making these the next time I teach children's church!
I do not know who came up with this nifty craft, but it was not me. I just wanted to pass along the fun to all the other Moms out there who needed a little craftiness!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


At Ballet Class
All of the families had a chance to visit dance class this week. It was fun to see what the girls do and watch them have fun with their friends.
Here is Pants galloping.
They showed us what they have learned of their recital dance.
At the end they played Freeze Dance with scarves.
All tuckered out and ready to go home!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Art Class is (ALWAYS) in Session

Pants has been drawing a LOT lately. I decided it was time to get some more pictures of her artwork and share them on the blog. I also just did a post exclusively about Pie Pie, so I have to even things up for them!

This is a picture of a creature Pants has been very fond of drawing recently. It is a Roadrunner! I love the very colorful beak. There is also a ghost and a turtle. The roadrunner sees a BIG shadow and he is scared.

This is another picture of a roadrunner and a turtle. There is a mole too. They are planning a birthday party for butterfly. All of the little circles are the speech bubbles of them talking.

I saved the best for last! This is a picture of our family. I love the way she draws Daddy's hat and my long legs. We also are apparently very smiley and lovey.

I'm sure there will be more drawing soon!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Carrot Cake

by Pie Pie Edgar
Fluffy the rabbit finds out her friend Kacy is moving. Fluffy plans a going away party at her house. Fluffy gets ready right away. She puts up the streamers and goes out to get the carrot cake she ordered.
When she got home she called her friend Tomatoes.
"Hey, I am planning a party for Kacy and I need you to get the balloons," asked Fluffy.
"Sure, I will be right over," he said.
"Ok. Bye," said Fluffy.
Fluffy went to the fridge while holding the cake.Then she put the cake on top of the fridge so she could get the Kool-Aid. Next Tomatoes came with the balloons.
"Where is the cake?" asked Tomatoes.
"On the table," said Fluffy.
Tomatoes looked. "Where?" he asked.
"It was there," she said.
"Well it is not," he said.
Fluffy looked. "Oh no! It's gone!" she said.
"Told you," he said.
"We must find it!" Fluffy said.
They looked and looked. Finally Tomatoes found it.
"Yay!" they shouted.
Then Kacy comes.
"Surprise!" Fluffy and Tomatoes yell.
Then they ate the yummy cake.