Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What To Do To Prepare For A Zombie Attack!

Some of my favorite movies are the Resident Evil Series. Now, I know those aren't exactly zombie movies, but they are about the undead. They are two very similar creatures. I don't know exactly why I like these movies so much, I just know I do. They are very exciting and suspenseful. I also like the idea of surviving against all odds. These movies are very violent and gory so they are definitely not movies for kids. 
The topic of survival against zombies and/or the undead has been floating around my family for a little while. I decided to compile some of the ideas we came up with and put them in a list for us!

1.  Practice on Playstation 3.
2.  Get a Zombie Gun. (Pie Pie's suggestion. Before anyone asks, no my children do not believe in Zombies) 

3. Don't buy Christmas presents, buy Ammo.

4. Stock up on Water, Batteries, and Flashlights.

5. Stay indoors, preferably in a Gun Shop next to a MiniMart/Gas Station. This was my husband's suggestion. If you find one we are probably already in it!

6. Head Shots Only. Everything else is a waste of Ammo.

7. Learn Martial Arts, in the movies people with that skill live the longest.

8. Get a machete for when you will run out of Ammo. It could happen, be prepared!

9. Eat Raw Meat so you are used to it when you turn. Sorry folks this is probably a last resort. This was my dad's suggestion.

10. Buy lots of Zombie Repellent. I make it in my basement for only a dollar a can. Unfortunately it has never been tested.

I just want to add a small disclaimer.  If you follow all of my tips here and you still get turned into a Zombie that does not give you the right to come after me! I will however understand if you do because you are a Zombie! Besides then we can be friends again. Zombie Friends!

I couldn't find any real Zombies so I had to make my own. It's only Pie Pie. Sorry if I scared anybody! I hope you got a laugh out of this, if you don't at least I tried.

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