Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farm Living at it's Finest

Animals + Fresh Air + Hayride + Movie = Farm Tour and Movie Night!

We were invited to Deep Roots Valley Farm for all of those things and more.

We started off by meeting their horse Tom. Pie Pie was very excited because she is anxiously awaiting horseback riding lessons. Everyone who wanted to, got a chance to feed him a carrot.

We moved onto the Happy Hens.  These hens have wheels. They are moved frequently for fresh bugs and pasture. They also love watermelon! The kids got a chance to feed them some. I don't know who was more excited the chickens or the kids.

The fish were next on the list of animals to feed. There were a lot of animals with full tummies that evening.
We got to visit their garden with beautiful flowers and many different fruits and vegetables.

A tractor pulled up with a load of  hay. Time for the Hayride! We got a chance to tour their fields of corn and other crops.

After the hayride everyone had a chance to visit the cows. Some of them were very friendly and let you pet them. Pants was a big fan.

A fire was started so everyone could enjoy S'MORES. My girls love roasting marshmallows.You just have to smush them in between two graham crackers with a chunk of melting chocolate. Then the marshmallow oozes out. (Am I making you hungry?! I know I am!)

As the sun set our evening wasn't quite over. When it was finally dark enough, the movie was started. They projected it on a big wall so everyone could enjoy it. Popcorn was popped just in case anyone was still hungry.
This was a great way to spend a Summer evening. I'm highly considering trying to move in, but I'm not sure I'm cut out for the lifestyle. Let's see early mornings, heat, bugs................... Oh Well, I did enjoy the visit. We are looking forward to going back again soon. Thank you so much to Will, Kelly and their family for their hospitality. 

While we were there I got a chance to talk with Kelly's mom and she told me this farm has been in their family for generations. If you would like to help support their farm please visit their Facebook Page: Deep Roots Valley Farm. There is more information waiting for you there.

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