Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take A Chance!

We went to an arcade! It's a great place to go if you only want to spend a little money. I got away with only spending ten dollars.This was thanks to coupons and tokens we were given at a recent party. Saving money is always important, but that is not the story I have for you today. While we were at the arcade Pie Pie decided she had to play the claw game. At this particular arcade it is called Treasure Chest. This is the game where you try to get a prize, usually a stuffed animal, with a giant claw. I have never actually seen anyone win this game, but she was determined to try anyway.

She played for quite some time and used up most of her tokens. She didn't win a thing. She finally gave up. Pants comes over and decides she has to play too. She puts her tokens in, positions the claw, and drops it. Well you guessed it! The claw snaps up a toy. In my head half of me is cheering and the other half is in disbelief. Pie Pie handled it pretty well, but was justifiably disappointed. I still can't believe Pants won on her first try. It truly is chance. Now you can tell your friends you know someone who actually won at the claw game!
Pants with her prize.

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