Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Mommy, We Got a Postcard!"

I promise she is much more excited than this when they arrive!
These are her two favorites because they have Mickey on them!
The time has come for Pie Pie to learn about The United States of America! Now there are many ways to learn about this subject. I, of course, picked a fun way! We asked family and friends to send us postcards from different states. (This was not my idea, but it is a good one!) Everyone has been very helpful and we  have gotten pretty many of them.
The States we have gotten so far are: Mississippi, Colorado, Utah,
Washington, Alaska, West Virignia, Texas, Minnesota, Virginia, Florida,
California, Hawaii, Washington D.C., New Jersey and Massachusetts.
Whenever Pie Pie gets a postcard, she locates the state on a map and colors it in.
We have subscribed to a kid's magazine about the States. It's by Highlight's and called Which Way U.S.A. Every month you get two States.  Each State has an activity book and a map. It provides you with History and Geography all in one kid-friendly package.

My Aunt has also given us a map to put all of the State Quarters in! She gave us the quarters too!
Shhhhhhh!! Don't tell Pie Pie we are learning!  (I'm pretty sure she knows!)
I want to say a special "Thank You!" to anyone and everyone who has helped us with this project! We really appreciate it!

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