Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Week in Hometown Nazareth

Yes, That's Me!
Vacation Bible School is over. It is bittersweet for me. I loved spending time with the kids this week, but I also like to sleep past seven in the morning. I know that isn't early for most people, however, it is for me. I am a night owl. I can manage to do mornings once in awhile, but every day for a whole week is a stretch.

I actually started enjoying being up on stage by the end of the week. It was good practice for Sunday when I have to do it in front of the whole church! I do love to sing. The motions are a different story. I am not highly coordinated so I was always a beat behind. It's harder than you think to sing and do motions. I just smiled and had fun!

Crafts and Snacks
I loved all the hugs, smiles, and hi-fives. They were so happy singing and dancing, you could feel the joy. The adults had a fun time too. They portrayed Mary (Jesus's mother) and Eunice (Mary's friend) at Mary's House. The children got to visit her daily and learn about Jesus as a child. There were Shopkeepers who taught crafts and made sure the children were well fed. They also got some energy out of their system at Fun and Games. I am so thankful for everyone who helped and the children who joined us this past week.

Fun and Games

We also participated in a Service Project. We collected toys, school supplies, and many other items for children who were affected by tornadoes. Everyone was very generous!

Overall we had over fifty kids registered throughout the week. Each one got to learn about God in a fun way. Was it a success? 
In my opinion, Definitely! 


  1. We loved it!! I am waiting for the zombies! :D I would like to know what to do if zombies attack

  2. I've been thinking it might be a good idea to prepare as well! So there will be tips for preparation and protecting yourself.