Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Backstage at Light Up the Night

Now when I say backstage I mean literally backstage! This past school year Pie Pie took ballet. When it came time for the recital, the studio asked for parent volunteers to spend time with the kids backstage. I was one of the parents who signed up for the job. I got to be a part of all of the enthusiasm. There was lots of laughter, hairspray, glitter and tapping feet! The tapping feet did start to get a little annoying after a while. (I do love tap dancers, it was just loud where we were.) The girls were very anxious waiting for their turn to go onstage. When their time came, the girls lined up and went to the wings of the stage. I got to go too! It was dark so it was hard to see. They were a little disoriented at first, but their teacher was there to help them to their places. Their music, "Be Our Guest", started playing and they danced. I am so proud of them. They were captivating! They additionally had fun which is always ideal. When the music ended they ran off the stage. I got the chance to tell Pie Pie (right away) she did wonderfully. You could feel their relief because this dance was over for the night. 

The dance studio Pie Pie attends allows parents to take pictures and video at the dress rehearsal. You can go right up to the stage. So, of course, I took advantage of this.

Pie Pie performed in two recitals. So, the one I wasn't a parent volunteer, I got a chance to enjoy the show. My ticket was actually free because I had helped out! Pants and I got to enjoy all the performances and we anxiously waited for Pie Pie to take the stage. She was just as charming the second time. Even though Pie Pie has decided she isn't going to take dance anymore (at least for now). We had an enjoyable experience and are looking forward to when Pants takes the stage! 

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