Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lost Pets (The Game)

This year's final Homeschool Co-op Project was to create your own game. We go to an awesome homeschool co-op called Lighthouse Learning Christian Homeschool Co-op!  I have to give them credit for their great ideas! The kids had to design everything themselves. The gameboard, game pieces, spinner and any cards they might need. Of course, Pie Pie had to do a game with pets!  She loves animals! First you pick if you want to be a ferret, hamster, guinea pig or rabbit. Then you spin the spinner. The first pet that gets back to their home wins! For our final day of co-op we had a game day where all of the kids got to play games together!
The cover for her game.

Getting ready to play.

Pants getting ready to play!
Pie Pie getting a chance to play too!

The gameboard.

This was one of Pie Pie's favorite projects this year!

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