Saturday, August 20, 2011

Native American Indians Part 2

Our Study

We continued our Summer Study on The Native American Indians and we are finally finished! We had a lot of fun learning and hope you enjoy seeing what we accomplished!

Pueblo Village
They formed their houses out of adobe mud and used logs and beams for the ceiling.  When the first layer was dry they would build the second level and then possibly even a third level. Each level had many rooms. Different families would live on each level. On the first level there were no doors. Those who lived on the first level climbed a ladder and went through a hole in the roof. When enemies were coming they would pull the ladders inside so they were protected.
For this craft we picked three boxes and painted them brown. We added cornstarch to look like sand. Then we made some doors and ladders. You can find this craft in More Than Moccasins by Laurie Carlson.

Wigwam-type houses were built by Indians in many areas across the country. This craft was fashioned out of coffee filters, paper bags and glue. It was a little difficult, but if you like to get messy go for it! This craft was also from More Than Moccasins by Laurie Carlson.

Our last craft was weaving. The Native Americans weaved baskets for many different reasons. They were used for food storage or to carry water. They were made out of different plant materials. We cheated on ours and used paper. The paper was cut with slits and then we wove paper strips in between. Pie Pie had the idea to staple the rectangle of paper into a basket. They ended up coming out really neat!

List of Some of the Books We Read:
Welcome to Kaya's World American Girls Collection
Native American History for Kids:With 21 Activities by Janis Herbert
The Indian in the Cupboard (we watched the movie)
Tapenum's Day-A Wampanoag Indian Boy in Pilgrim Times by Kate Walters
Mud Pony by Carson Lee Cohen
The Gift of Sacred Dog
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
The Girls With Seven Brothers
all 3 by Paul Goble
Kaya and Lone Dog by Janet Shaw
Corn in Maize:The Gift of the Indians by Aliki

Well, we are done with Native Americans for this year! Now it's off to study Explorers! We are starting with Christopher Columbus! Time to pull up the anchor and set sail! Poor man never even knew what he had discovered! Hopefully no one falls overboard!

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