Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pie Pie Builds

Pie Pie the builder,
can she build it?
Pie Pie the builder,
Yes she can!

This coming school year we are going to be learning about Simple Machines. At the end of the last school year while I was preparing for the next school year I noticed that our co-op had K'NEX. These kits are highly recommended when learning about this topic. They had three sets especially for education.The sets were Levers and Pulleys, Wheels and Ramps and Gears and Cranks. We had to borrow them.

When I first brought them home I wasn't sure how Pie Pie would feel about the kits. So, I just put them in the playroom. She pulled them out one day and asked me for help. I was not actually that much help! I've never been very good at building projects like these. I don't have enough patience. We persevered anyway. We followed the directions, made mistakes and corrected the mistakes. When we finally finished the first one I was quite proud of us! After the first project was finished Pie Pie was ready to fly solo. I help her here and there, but she gets the job done. I am so happy she has the patience to follow the directions and put the different items together herself.

These kits are a lot of fun and I would personally recommend them to anyone!

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