Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Spirit!

We, like everybody else, are getting ready for school. We've been doing projects for Science and History this Summer, but now it is time to break out the Math and Language Arts.  That is "school" for Pie Pie! I'm not sure what she considers what we have been doing this last two months. I think I might have have heard her say "Fun!", I have to agree!
Anyway, here is Pie Pie's School Line-up for this year:
Language Arts
We are using a new English book this year and continuing to use the Follow-the-Directions book. I discovered the second book last year when Pie Pie was unhappy with creative writing.  She likes this book because she gets to draw first and then write.

We are using Math-U-See again this year.  We really like this program.  It has a DVD that teaches Pie Pie and me the lessons.  It also uses blocks so we can see how math works. We are just about done with the Alpha book and are planning to finish Beta this year.

We are using an assortment of Bible products. I'm using a couple of workbooks from Lifepac, which we used last year and liked. We also participate in SPARKS.  The girls learn Bible verses every week with a Bible lesson. We are also using The Message Bible study book.

We are going to be studying a variety of topics. Some of them are simple machines, electricity, the water cycle, and magnets.

We are working through American History this year.  We are making a timeline and doing various projects.

We are learning about the United States!  We are working on workbooks and reading lots of books.  We are also collecting postcards from all the states.

Pants is going along for the ride. She is 3 going on 4 so we are going to be doing some simpler things. I want her to develop a love of learning. We are going to have fun learning the basics.  We are also going to read a lot. I'm trying to keep her frustration and mine to a minimum.

I hope everyone has a great school year! Don't forget the number one rule: Have Fun!!

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