Saturday, July 21, 2012


Tennis Anyone?!

A good friend called me this morning and asked us to go play tennis with her. I have never played tennis before, but I said I would give it a try. The girls said they wanted to come and I talked Daddy into going too. Our friend had four rackets so Daddy had a chance to teach Pie Pie how to hit the ball. She did pretty good too!

 We spent most of the time running around the court after the ball. Which was fine with me because I am trying to get at least thirty minutes of exercise each day. I'm including the girls and Daddy as much as possible. Pants was our awesome ball girl! She was quick to get the ball and throw it back to us.

We also took breaks when we needed them because it was pretty hot. Lots of water!

I can honestly say I am one of the worst tennis players! Maybe I just need more practice?! We did put on a pretty funny show! Maybe no one actually saw us! If they did I hope they got a good laugh. We did have a good time, I just hope my back doesn't hurt too much in the morning! 
Smooches from Pants!

What new thing have you tried lately?!

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