Saturday, April 20, 2013

Giraffe from the Planet Neptune

We finally got some Sculpey Clay.
 I have wanted to do this art project since before Christmas!
 I was inspired by a Nativity set made out of clay by a blogger around that time. My future goal is to make the whole nativity. Here is the tutorial post from the great crafty blog Then she Made. In my post we wanted to make our own creations, but we used her post as a guide through the process and it was very helpful.

Here is our whole zoo of animals, along with the zoo keeper!

Here is the giraffe from Neptune!
Pants' Mole and Bunny joined the giraffe for this picture.
We learned that you shouldn't make the necks on your creatures quite so long. We had to give the giraffe a scarf to help his neck stay in place. We are learning as we craft.
Here is a close up of the mole Pants made.
Here is our cute bunny. I think the color looks like bubble gum!
Pants showing off her buddies!
Here is Pie Pie's masterpiece: A hippo from Jupiter! She added a very pretty bow.
We had lots of fun playing with this clay!
It is also relaxing working with the clay, so if you need a break from daily school life get some Sculpey clay and start creating!

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  1. They are so cute. Good job girls. Your pop pop.