Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Molly McIntire: An American Girl

At our local library they often have brochures for interesting places you can visit. I happened to see a flyer that had information about a Molly Play. I love American Girls! (If you don't know who American Girls are you can check them out here.) My daughters have recently begun to love them too. I thought this would be a fun trip that we would all enjoy.

This was a fabulous show. It was performed by kids from The Rainbow Theatre. Pants loved the part when they put on a pretend radio show. It was very funny! Can you believe thay didn't watch T.V. then?!
I liked the part where they got pretend water dumped all over their Halloween costumes.
After the play we got a chance to talk to the cast as they served us drinks and yummy treats. I think Pants loved her brownie just as much as the play. I wasn't complaining either!
Pie Pie chose a delicious cupcake.
After the play we had a chance to explore the museum. There was a room with all kinds of historical items you could touch and play with.
The girls had a lot of fun in this room!
I had some fun too!
Have you heard the latest?
I like to take silly pictures of myself and put them on the Internet!

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