Thursday, April 11, 2013

In Be-Tween the Pages of a Great Book

I started reading tween books for my daughter,
but I have continued to read them because I love them!
In the beginning of my search for great tween books I thought there weren't any good books left. Boy, was I wrong. I have found some great books to read.


The first book I am sharing today is A Dog's Life by Ann M. Martin. My daughter loves animals, so I decided to give this book a try. It is written from the perspective of a wonderful female dog named Squirrel. It starts from when she is born and goes all the way to the end of her long life. She learns how to live on her own in any place she lays her head at night. I love how this story ends with her finding the perfect owner and place to call home. I just found another book in this series about the brother of Squirrel. His name is Bone. I am very excited to read his adventure too!

The second book I would like to share is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. When I borrowed this book from the library, my first thought was how is the book going to live up to it's title! I did love that little white bunny with the red suit on the cover, so I went ahead and borrowed the book. I had also recently read another book by this author that I didn't particularly like. It just goes to show just because you don't like one book by an author doesn't mean you won't like one of their other books.
This rabbit's journey WAS truly miraculous. I loved every word in this book. From his first owner to his last. He spends some time in the ocean, riding the rails with a hobo and even gets all spruced up in a fancy doll shop. He learns how to love and be loved all along his journey! This book is a favorite of mine!
I only have two books for you today, but if you would like to see my first post about Tween books just look right here.

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