Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When I first decided to to go ahead with my idea to post pictures that bring a smile to your face I was a little nervous. I only had one picture! I felt this was something that was needed. We all need a smile now and then. I feel these pictures are a special gift because they are not planned they just happen. They are a gift from God to us! He loves laughter and smiles!

It's Not YOUR Birthday!

I just love this picture! It was by pure chance I captured it! We had just finished singing Happy Birthday to Pants and she was about to blow out the candle when my Nephew decided to help her. No worries though, he didn't actually blow it out. Pants didn't seem to mind either. He'll be invited next year, we don't kick you out of the family for helping your cousin! 
We hope you get your wish when you blow out your next Birthday candle, especially if somebody helps you!


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