Monday, November 21, 2011

I Designed a Roller Coaster

by: Pie Pie
This was an extra fun creative writing we did for our Science Fair. Pie Pie designed her own Roller Coaster! I wanted to share it on our blog.

My Roller Coaster will be for girls. It will be made of steel and will be a suspended type of Coaster. It will have a big first hill. It will have ten loops, two barrel rolls and three corkscrews. You must be as tall as me to ride. There will be three cars to hold people the Fluffy, the Sweetie and the Pinkie. The ride will be twenty minutes long. When you are done you get a Zhu Zhu Pet, Webkin and you may pet a guinea pig.
The End

P.S. For any boys who might be reading this Pie Pie recently realized that her Daddy, Grumpy and Pop Pop couldn't ride her Coaster. So she decided that boys would be allowed to ride! You will not miss out on the fun!

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