Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow is in the Air?

Snow was in the air and on the ground this past weekend. It really put me in the Holiday Spirit! Too bad it's Halloween and not Christmas! Not that I have anything against snow, it just came a little bit early for me. I wasn't quite ready. I snapped a couple of pictures of us in the snow to share with you. (The only reason I have any was because we went to the store to pick up my Nephew's Birthday present!) I'm not an extreme weather kind of person. I like normal temperatures for this time of year. Light Jacket Weather is my favorite!
Pie Pie romping through the snow!
Pants posed for this one!
Pie Pie making a giant snowball.

Pants as Snow Baby!

We took this, I love Pants in the background.
Pie Pie took this one for us.

I guess it's time to bundle up! Make sure you have lots of cocoa and marshmallows because it looks like it's going to be a cold Winter!

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