Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gimme Your Moneyville!

We went to the Reading Museum and actually had a lot of fun. You can never be sure of the fun factor at a museum, especially when it comes to my girls. Pie Pie didn't even want to go until I told her we wouldn't be doing school at home that day. Pants wasn't exactly sure what a museum was, so she was pretty excited.
Our Library has a special pass that gets you free access to the museum and I borrowed one of those. Free Field Trip! You can't beat that. I was anxious to go this month because they have a special exhibit called Moneyville that will only be at this Museum until the end of this month.

Anyway, we made it to the museum. The girls loved Moneyville. It had computer games! Pie Pie was all over that. They had a Lemonade Stand game that you had to figure out how much lemonade to make and how much to charge per cup so you would make a profit. The game would give you a weather report to help you set your price. Pie Pie likes making money so she figured out this game pretty quickly.

Pants enjoyed playing a check-out game where you would give change to a customer on a computer. Yes I helped! Pants isn't quite ready to make change herself.

Then we went to make some of our own money. They had a game that would take your picture to put on your own money. The girls really loved that.

We had the added Homeschooling Bonus of being practically alone in the museum. My girls could do whatever they wanted without waiting.
Then we toured the Permanent Exhibits in the Museum. Pie Pie especially liked looking at the animals.

We enjoyed the paintings and sculptures. I am not an artsy girl so we just looked and pointed out the paintings we liked. There were some very beautiful pieces and some that I wasn't quite sure why they were in the museum. Pants could have painted them. I told Pie Pie maybe one day one of her pieces of art would be in a Museum. You never know!

We had one more stop at our favorite Moneyville games before we headed home.

If you get a chance, check out this Museum. There is a large variety of exhibits.
Something is sure to interest you!

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