Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tricky Monkeys

We like to have some Halloween fun at our house. This year my girls decided to dress-up like monkeys. I got on Ebay and started looking for their costumes. I found them, Pie Pie approved of them and I ordered them. Yeah! I thought my work was done. Not so fast, when they arrived my girls tried them on. Pant's costume fit perfectly, but Pie Pie's was a bit lacking in the length of the arms and legs. Not so Yeah! I was pretty sure Pie Pie wasn't planning on shrinking before Halloween. If anything she has more growing to do! I had a call to make. I called up my good friend to fix it. She is the same friend who made our costumes in an earlier post called South Bend Blue Sox vs. The Racine Belles. It was an easy fix and they both ended up looking very cute. They added bows and clips to make their costumes more girlie.

We participate in a Safe Halloween at my Mother-in-law's work. She works at a retirement community. We all had fun visiting the Grandmas and Grandpas.

They showed off their monkey costumes and smiles! They got lots of candy! At the end they took a break to play some checkers!

Now you can tell all your friends you've seen a monkey playing checkers! By the way, if you want any candy we will share with you! It's driving me crazy! I want to eat it all!

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