Monday, October 24, 2011

4th Annual Corn Maze Day

The last couple of years we have gotten together with my parents and my brother's family to have a special Fall day. My Mom plans everything! She even sends out invitations!

My Marvelous Mom!

My Super-Awesome Dad!
It starts out with a trip to a local Corn Maze. The big girls have fun trying to answer the questions that are supposed to help you through the maze. Notice I said supposed to! Someone didn't do their research properly and some of the answers were wrong! (Sorry to rat out the corn maze people!)

The younger kids like to take turns riding in the wagon, pulling the wagon and running around. The adults just try to keep up with the kids!

At the end of the maze you get a yummy apple to eat!

There was a Hay Maze.

The slide was fun as well!

When we got back to my parents' house there was some crafts and Monster Bingo!

My mom fed us some yummy dinner and then on to Pumpkin Decorating! We use stickers so everyone can participate. Less mess too!

Pants and her pumpkin decorated like me! Sunglasses included!
Pie Pie and her Puppy Pumpkin!
Then my Mom pulled out her Trick or is it a Treat!

For dessert we had Dirt! My mom went all out with individual pots and flowers. She tricked Pants and my nephew. They thought it was real dirt and worms. Pants was quite frightened to watch me eat a "real" worm.

Pants got the treat in the end. Pudding, Cookies and Gummy Worms. Yummy!

We all had a great time and want to thank my parents for the fun we had! Good Luck coming up with more Tricks and Treats next year! I can't imagine a better day!

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