Monday, October 10, 2011

History Stop:Jamestown

Pie Pie and I are learning about American History this year. We started out with the first Americans, the Native Americans and are currently working on the first successful American settlement. If you haven't figured out what that is, it is Jamestown. Pie Pie was very interested in making a project which I will feature on this blog post.
The project she picked is a land map of Jamestown. We got the idea out of a book, I'm just not sure which one. First you start off with a large piece of wood. Then you paint it. The land is green.

Add blue for water and brown for Jamestown. Jamestown was a triangle-shaped town. With only 3 sides it was easier to defend and it quicker to build the walls around. 3 walls instead of 4 equals less building!

Then Pie Pie added on the white roads.

The clay came next. Pie Pie built a wall of clay around Jamestown. She also built a canoe and some houses.

Then we got the paint back out. She painted the wall brown. She also painted her houses and canoe.

We added some trees and horses to the final product.

Pants had fun painting and playing with Play-Doh while Pie Pie worked on her project.

This was a project Pie Pie picked out and was very excited to accomplish! She had a lot of fun while working on it and was very proud when she finished!

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