Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Leaf of a Different Variety

My family currently does not have a yard, but we make it work. We do outside fun inside! So what if you don't have a tree with leaves! You just have to use your imagination.

All you need is a box of packing peanuts and a sister to dump them on you!

Yes, you do have to clean them up. They are not as dirty as actual leaves!

Pie Pie is the pile! This only works with the little one on top!

Pants figured out the hard way you can't laugh while someone is dumping the "leaves" on you! Packing peanuts are not yummy!

It's the little things that make kids giggle!

Don't worry my kids get to play in actual leaf piles as well as packing peanut ones! We just have to take a trip! Grammy save some leaves for us! We're on our way!

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