Monday, October 31, 2011


It's Pumpkin Carving Time! Daddy is the master carver in our house, so it was up to him to turn our pumpkins into masterpieces. Pie Pie decided she wanted Pikachu on her pumpkin. She drew a very nice likeness on her pumpkin and then Daddy started in on the carving!

Pie Pie stuck around and helped separate the seeds from the goo. She said she liked the feeling of the goo. I actually did too. The pumpkin turned out to be a pretty good likeness of Pikachu!

The it was Pants' turn to make a decision on what she wanted her pumpkin to be. She originally wanted her Aunt. It's the only Aunt that starts with a "D". I won't post your whole name, but you know who you are! I would take it as a compliment, I did when she made her sticker pumpkin into me! Daddy was not up for that kind of challenge, so he decided on Psychduck instead. Did you catch the Pokemon theme?! Pants lost interest pretty quickly and left Daddy all alone to finish carving her pumpkin.

When it got dark later we turned off all the lights and lit the candles in the pumpkins.

Daddy did a pretty good job, didn't he?! My favorite part was eating the roasted pumpkin seeds! Yummy, Crunchy, Salty and Good! All that's missing is chocolate and caramel! 

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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