Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soda Pop, Soda Pop!!

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Pie Pie

Our family has nine Webkinz. They are cool because you get to play with them on the computer on the Webkinz Wesite and you get to snuggle with them. The bad thing is they die on the computer. It is fun adopting them because you get to name them and pick if it is a boy or a girl. You can also adopt 'Mazing Hamsters from Miss Birdie. Miss Birdie helps you adopt your pet on the website. When you adopt your pet you get a big welcome balloon.

When you are playing on the Webkinz Website you can open places like the Kinzville Academy, the Employment Office, the Curio Shop, and/or the Wish Factory. Kinzville Academy is a school for pets. You get to style a hippo named Plumpy's hair. You can cook pancakes. You can even give your Webkin a check-up from Dr. Quack. Dr. Quack is married to Miss Birdie. 

This is Chip. He is a Raccoon.

This is Ginger. She is a Strawberry Cloud Leopard.
This is Ozzy. He is an Oppossum.
This is Blackie. She is a Black Poodle.

Sometimes your pet will get a fever. If that happens you will have to feed it more food. These foods might help your pets keep healthy: carrot cake, chocolate cake, blueberry pie, and hamburgers. My monkey Bananas loves bananas!

These are the twin Cheeky Monkeys- APom and Bananas.

This is Soda Pop. Soda Pop is a Cherry Soda Pup.

This is J.P. He is a Jelly Bean Puppy.
This is Bamboo. She is a Pretty Panda.

My favorite song at Webkinz of the Year Outlet is Tiger, Tiger. It is a really good song!
Soda Pop is my favorite Webkin. She has cherries on her ears.
Soda Pop says, "Hi!". So does the rest of the gang!

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