Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Writing Process Pie Pie Style

The second chapter in our Language Arts book is learning the steps of writing a story. Writing happens to be Pie Pie's least favorite subject. I told her at least she gets to pick what she writes about for this project. Later in life you will have to write about the topic that you are assigned.
Our first step was to figure out the topic. Pie Pie picked Pet Pet Park.
Then we filled in a word web about her topic. They had different questions to help give her ideas for her story. We numbered our ideas so we could put them in the right order.

Then we wrote out our story in number order.

Our next step was to write out a rough copy. 

Then we made some revisions for our final copy.

It was rough, but we got the job done! Just in case you can't read the final copy I'll type it out for you on here.

 Pet Pet Park
Pet Pet Park is an online game. I saw it on a commercial and wanted to try it out. I played at Grammy's house on a computer. Jonah and Lissa were with me. My Pet Pet's name is Rocky. I like this game because I see other Pet Pets, I get to help other Pet Pets, and I win prizes.
The End

Not bad for a week's work. Chapter two is done!

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