Monday, September 12, 2011

Archie The First (Lesson)

The day finally arrived for Pie Pie's first horseback riding lesson. She completely enjoyed the experience. Her trainer's name is Miss Heather and Archie was the first horse she got a chance to ride.

Archie is a Paint horse who is very calm and patient. His personality is very laid back, which is perfect for a new rider like Pie Pie.

Miss Heather and Pie Pie started off with grooming Archie. They had to get all of the dirt off of him. Once that was done Pie Pie got a helmet and saddled up the horse.

Archie was led into the ring. Pie Pie was ready to ride. Miss Heather taught her the basics: to turn, walk and stop. They walked around the ring and over obstacles. She even got to trot a little!

When the ride was over she had to make sure all of the saddle marks and sweat were brushed. After that Archie was ready for a rest. I think he earned it.

In Pie Pie's words, "It was awesome!". We will be back, HorseBACK riding!

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