Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pie Pie's First Book Report

This is also a sneak peek at our Top Chef Project:
This book report along with a couple others will be a part of our finished project in March.


I want to make sure everyone can read what Pie Pie wrote so I'm going to type the summary and opinion out for you.
This book is about: a doughnut named Arnie. Arnie does not know that he is food. Mr. Bing tries to eat him. Instead of eating him they find something better for both of them.
I liked this book because in the end Arnie becomes a doughnut-dog. I like dogs. 

We really enjoyed the illustrations in this book. The pictures were very funny and there was doughnuts all over the pages. This is a fun book that will be enjoyed by everyone!

More Doughnut Fun to Come! 

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