Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As Strawberry Shortcake would say,

"It's Berry Good!".

We learned all about strawberries for our second class this session at Lighthouse Leaning Co-op. My girls love strawberries. That is the one fruit I know they will both eat! We learned a little bit about the fruit. For example, the seeds are on the outside of the fruit instead of inside.  We also colored in a picture of a strawberry.

Then everyone got a chance to taste one strawberry, or two, or however many you could get your hands on!

Pie Pie was very generous and shared her treat with her Zhu Zhu Pets!

It was Berry, Berry Fun!

P.S. I'm just wondering do you prefer the new Strawberry Shortcake (featured at the top) or are you an old school Strawberry Shortcake fan (featured below)? I discovered an even newer one that is at the bottom too! I'm still thinking about which one is my favorite.

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