Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christmas Flashback

Let's take a little trip back in time! It's not real long ago, just a little over a month back. I posted about a dilemma I had way back in December on Facebook. I kind of forgot to follow up on it and let everyone know what happened. Well, here you go!
At Christmastime last year Pie Pie, who is eight, decided she wanted proof that Santa Claus was real. Her "proof" was going to be if Santa ate his cookies, drank his milk and if the reindeer nibbled on their carrots. Daddy and I were under strict instructions NOT to touch the snack!
This was kind of a problem for me. I didn't want Pie Pie to be disappointed on Christmas morning. I even asked Pie Pie if she would be disappointed if the snack wasn't eaten. She said she wouldn't be, but I wasn't so sure. I prayed for an answer and got a solution.
Instead of focusing on the negative, I would focus on the positive. Why do we celebrate Christmas??!! That was my answer. I wrote Pie Pie a special letter about Jesus and His miraculous birth, death and resurrection. I wanted her to remember the real reason for Christmas!
Little did I know she had a plan of her own. She went downstairs early and ate the cookies and nibbled the carrots for Pants! I had been a little worried about her little sister, but she took care of it for me. I was quite surprised to learn she had done that. We had a very magical morning all because of a sister's love!

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