Monday, February 6, 2012

Books, Books...We Love Books!

I haven't had much to write about lately. Instead we have been reading a lot! Here is just a few of the books we have been reading recently.

My Books:

Slightly Bad Girls of The Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs. This is a great book about women from the Bible. It is actually part of a series and they are all a good read. I like to read about flawed women God has used for good in His Kingdom. I feel I can relate and fit right in with them.
Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry  by Doug Fields. The second book I'm reading is to help me prepare for directing V.B.S this year. I saw it in my Church library and borrowed it. It was pretty interesting. Any leadership advice I can get is very helpful.
To Live is Christ by Beth Moore. I'm still working on this one, but Beth Moore is always a good read!
I have also recently fell in love with Patsy Clairmont and her books! She is hilarious and has overcome a lot in her life. If you haven't read any books by her you should give her a chance. You won't regret it!

School Reading:

We are learning about Donuts for a Lighthouse Co-Op project. The Donut Chef  by Bob Staake is a very funny book about two donut chefs who compete to see who makes the best donuts. In the end they realize that simple is best!

Miss Hickory by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey. We are reading this for our out-loud reading time during school. I found this book at Christmastime while I was shopping with a friend. We happened to go in a bookstore and I started to look at the Medal Winner books. I came across this book. I felt the NEED to read it with Pie Pie.  I have no idea why, I just had to read it! I borrowed it from the library. Pie Pie wasn't happy at first, but we have fallen in love with the little twig lady with a hickory nut head!

Pie Pie and Pants' Books:

Pie Pie has gotten very into The Magic Tree House Books by Mary Pope Osborne. She has enjoyed them for a while, but now has plans to read them all in order! She even read one in about half an hour one day!
We have always loved Jan Brett and her books. Now that Pants is getting older we are reading them again with her. We are also enjoying some of her new ones she has written recently.

Have you read any good books lately?
Let us know!

P.S. I linked up with a new blog I am following! The blog is in my blog list called Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.

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