Thursday, January 5, 2012

Proud Mommy

We started our new session at Lighthouse Learning Christian Homeschool Co-Op this morning. I was the lucky lady who was teaching about ladybugs. They are actually very helpful beetles. They eat a lot of pests that destroy our plants. I decided we were going to learn how to draw a ladybug. We got this really cool book from the library that showed you the steps.

The reason why I am a proud Mommy today is because Pie Pie decided she wanted to do the teaching, of the drawing, at the chalkboard for the other kids. Before class started she drew a sample for practice.

She also drew a spider, just for fun. Then when it was time, she drew each step for the class. She was very patient and waited for everyone!

I asked if she was going to be a teacher when she gets older. She said "No Way!". I think she just wanted to help her Mommy out and I was very happy to let her!

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  1. Yeah QUINN!!!!! We loved learning how to make lady bugs:)