Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Playtime~Days 7-9

We are excited to share some more playtime with you! We actually did two of these in one day because we were having so much fun!

Day # 7
Mega Floor Doodles
I got some large pieces of cardboard out and covered them with paper. We got out our markers and had some fun drawing.

Pie Pie drew a Zhu Zhu Pet named Wharton.

I drew a house with a sun and a rainbow.

Pants helped me draw a snowman and then she drew an apple tree.

It was a little late in the day so they weren't feeling highly creative, but they did enjoy it.

Day # 8
Sensory Play
I decided to do the sense of smell for our sensory play. I picked out various spices, extracts, and seasonings.

For the extracts I put them on a q-tip. The dry I just put right in an envelope. The girls had to guess what they were just by smelling them.

 Unfortunately their sense of smell hasn't developed fully yet. I gave them some hints and then they could guess what it was.

Day # 8
Water Play
This one got a little messy. Food coloring + water play = stained hands. Don't worry food coloring eventually comes out! My girls got their swimsuits on. When you play with water you have to wear your suit! (That's what they said anyway!) I filled up a bucket and two small bins with water. They each got to color their own water with food coloring.

Pants got a little carried away and made a very dark black. We will definitely need to invest in some more food coloring for the next project that will need some!

They had a great time pouring and playing until the fun got a little out of hand and it was time to move onto something new!

The Play continues!
More to come soon!

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