Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Playtime~Days 1-3

I joined my friend's challenge on Broken Treasures. She found this challenge here. She liked the challenge and decided to go for it. I'm proud of Elizabeth for taking the time just to play with her kids.
I am also trying to do this challenge.  It is properly named! It has definitely been challenging for me. Homeschooling is pretty hands on for us. I'm finding it hard to give my kids even more time. But I decided we will do all thirty days no matter how long it takes!
At this time in my life I am not blessed with having the Internet in my home. Because of this reason I am not able to put each day separately like my friend is. So, I'm going to be giving you several days at a time.

DAY # 1
This day was supposed to be a mission statement among other things. My life is a bit chaotic (okay- messy) right now. So, if I had spent the time doing this step I probably would have never gotten started at all. So we just jumped right in to the actual doing!

DAY # 2
Build a Fort
We don't have much to make forts at our house, but we did our best. I pulled some kitchen chairs into our living room and draped blankets over them. We put pillows and blankets inside. They had to get their flashlights and turn off all the lights. We had fun scaring each other. Lots of screaming! Pie Pie also needed a snack. The girls were not happy when it was time for bed and the fort had to come down. It may have to come back again soon!

Sorry the pictures aren't very good. It's hard to play and take pictures!

DAY # 3
Play with Play-Doh
We just played with some of the store bought stuff. It's been so long since we've gotten it out. Pants thought we didn't have any! I got the big basket out and we dug right in. Pie Pie had fun pretending hers was pizza dough and making spaghetti.

Pants cut out lots of different shapes and then we made a sheep with modeling clay.

I made a snail and then cleaned out all the old Play-Doh. I like when the Play-Doh is nice and squishy. No hard and crumbly Play-Doh for us! It's actually kind of relaxing to sit and squish the Play-Doh in your hands!

More play to come! If you want to join in you can. I'm a little behind so it's no big deal if you start late. I'm also following the order of what Elizabeth is doing. I noticed she was doing the days a little differently than the original challenge. I also might skip some and do something else depending on my own kids. The point is to spend time focusing on your kids and just play.
Maybe I'll even come to your house and make you play with us!!


  1. These are great! I know how much of a challenge this is - I never realized how little "non interrupted" time I actually spend with my kids until I started this! Love your pictures - I think fort was my kids favorite so far :)

  2. This is a great reminder to enjoy our little ones because life is definitely too short. The dishes, laundry, etc. can wait...the children will grow up in the blink of an eye....oh, yeah, and if you want to come play, I know a house full of children that would love company!!!

  3. oh, and by the way, you say you aren't blessed with the internet in your house, I say you ARE blessed because you don't have internet in your internet=more playtime!

  4. cute sheep!!

    looks like a fun day. I kinda miss that stuff.. playdo and fingerpaints and all...