Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Playtime~Days 4-6

A variety of things have kept us from doing this challenge daily. I knew this would happen, but we are still trying. We are going to finish eventually! I think I already said that though, so onto to the Play!

Day # 4
Block Building
We got out two sets of blocks and got to work.(or is it play?) I set up some block dominoes. Pants helped me.

They fell over before we finished.

Pie Pie found this very hilarious!

Pants made a beautiful town.

Pie Pie made a BIG tower, but she chose to keep it top secret. (No pictures allowed.) Sorry!

Day # 5
Family Time Activity
We played Apples to Apples first. This game did not work out too well. Daddy and I kept picking each other's cards. Not so much fun for the girls.

Then we moved onto UNO. The girls liked this game a little better. Pie Pie ended up winning!

I was game for one more game! The girls picked Candyland. Pie Pie beat us at this game too!

Day # 6
Play Islands

I wasn't so sure about this challenge. I didn't know if my girls would like it, but they did. We laid our pillows out and used some blankets too.

Pants and Pie Pie had fun jumping from island to island!

Pants decided that our blue blanket was water and went swimming.

Then she dove under the water to find some treasure.

Pie Pie spent most of her time on her own private island!

More Play To Come!

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  1. I love it! Your girls look like they are having tons of fun - who cares if it isn't every day? I'm enjoying the time to just step away from everything else and focus on my kids! Hope you are having fun too :)