Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Playtime! Days~13-16

We finally got some more Playtime in!

Day # 13
Paint Play

I found this fun craft on my friend Elizabeth's blog. We decided to try it too. You need some shaving cream and paint. She goes into more detail on her post if you are interested in the particulars. My girls loved getting messy.

 They pretended the paint was lollipops,

put some on their noses

and had a great time swirling up the paint!

I just want to give a little warning: this stains. We now have some swirly pink on our green towels. My girls did get a bit carried away though. The finished result beautifully decorated our home for Valentine's Day. We might make some more, they would work for just about any season or holiday. Just change the shapes and colors.

Day # 14
Party Play

We celebrated my niece's birthday party recently. I figured since they have a Wii and we have a Wii, we could all play together. I know I didn't actually plan the original party, but the Wii play was my idea. The kids had a great time racing and many of the adults joined in on the action.

I joined in later when we played Dance Party. I'm actually pretty good at that game, which is surprising considering how uncoordinated I am.

Day # 15 and # 16
Outdoor Play and Go On a Hunt
I cheated a little and combined two play challenges. I needed something to do with the kids outside and I'm not very creative. We decided to have an egg hunt outside. Since we don't have a yard we played at my in-laws' house. We also included my nephew. I'm sure some neighbors thought we were a little silly hunting eggs, but it was good practice for Easter. Leaves make very good hiding places. My girls had fun finding the eggs for them and then they helped my nephew find the rest.

We're more than halfway done!
More Play to Come!

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