Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Playtime!~Days 17-19

It's time for some more Playtime!

I finally feel like I got most of my brain back! The weather and plants growing outside clogged up my head and made me feel positively yucky. That doesn't mean my writing is going to be any better, but I know you love me anyway!

Day # 17
Play with Trash
Recycling is probably a better way to put it.
On this day we made tissue box houses. I saved some tissue boxes and we cut out doors and windows. Then the girls got to work decorating. The girls used stickers and made or put furniture inside the boxes.

Day # 18
Play with some more Trash!
(I skipped a couple of days in this challenge because I didn't want to do them or I thought they were something my girls would not be interested in doing.)
I came up with the idea to make rockets out of paper towel tubes. The girls decided they wanted to do this day's challenge with my nephew. We were watching him one day so we brought all the supplies over to his house. I helped Pants and him, while Pie Pie worked on her own. They came out pretty neat. The kids all had fun flying them around and driving cars through them.

Day # 19
Sticky Play
We decided to make Sticky Smileys! We ripped up some paper and glued all the pieces into a circle. Then we glued on the eyes and mouth. Pie Pie also added a nose.

I'm not sure why the first one didn't post right. Oh well, you can still see it.
We are still looking for Smileys at our house. Are you?
For more information about Spontaneous Smileys and The Smile A Thon check out this post.
I also have a Giveaway going on right now to enter go here.
We found this Smiley on our porch!

More Play and Smiles to Come!

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  1. Cute sticky face smiley faces! We made paper plate ones :)