Monday, March 19, 2012

Top Chef: Doughnuts

I know you have been patiently waiting for this post. I have been patiently waiting for a chance to write this post! This night was a family event for Lighthouse Learning Christian Homeschool Co-op. It was also the Ultimate in Fun! All of the families worked hard to prepare projects and yummy food to share with all the other families!

We started our project by reading some books about Doughnuts and by having my Mom teach us how to make them. We used an old family recipe that my Mom made with her Grandmother! While my Mom and the girls were hard at work I took pictures of all the steps to make a little how to book for our presentation.

The end result. Yummy Doughnuts! This is the four most popular ways to eat them: plain, powdered sugar, sugar, and with table syrup.

We did three Doughnut book reports. We also had a taste test challenge. We went to four different places that make doughnuts. We bought and tried each one. Then we made some graphs. It added a little Math to our project!  
When the day of Top Chef arrived it was back to the kitchen for us. We had to make a fresh batch of doughnuts!

It was a bit of a time crunch, but we go the doughnuts made and fried up. When we got to Top Chef you could feel the excitement as we set up our table! Check out the BIG doughnut! (We all ate it for breakfast the next morning.)

There was also some fun food competitions! The kids were split up into two teams and they each had to perform certain food tasks. Whichever team was the fastest won.
They had to peel a banana, cut it up and put it on a skewer,

They also had to peel an orange and cut up an apple and spread it with peanut butter. Each team member had to participate so it was quite funny to watch.

Then we had Make The Best Pancake Competition. There was some special ingredients they had to use  and pancake batter. I did not taste them, but they did look (kinda) tasty!

What do you think?

It was a very fun night for everyone involved. At the end of the evening all of the families were given a prize for participating. Thank you so much to Donna and Angela for all of their had work and for coming up with the idea for this super fun night!

The Doughnuts were a hit! We left with empty bags and the plan to make more Doughnuts very soon! I owe Donna a couple! Don't worry I will make you some!

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