Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sew A Needle Pulling Thread and A Tisket A Tasket!

You're getting a two-fer here! We have been super busy lately, which is good because I will have something to write about! You have to actually do stuff to blog about it! This post is about Sessions 4 and 5 from the A'La Carte Sessions at our Homeschool Co-op. I missed the third session due to a little thing most people call the stomach bug. I prefer to call it the stomach monster, maybe evil creature or just plain nastiness! It definitely didn't just bug me!

Anyway, our fourth session was about Sewing!

Sewing isn't my thing, but we did our best and had fun! Pie Pie learned how to sew a button on. (The older kids used actual needles, buttons and fabric.)

She also learned how to do the running stitch. Pants had a good time coloring. The big kids had the opportunity to use a sewing machine too.

The fifth session was all about weaving.

The big kids made actual baskets and the little kids made paper baskets.
I think we had it a little easier!

The little kids had a chance to make some fun little creatures out of pipe cleaners and styrofoam balls. Here's Pants with her pink kitty.

Top Chef is coming!
I promise!

Here's a quick sneak peek!

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