Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blue Marsh Dam Tour

I love Field Trips and so does Pie Pie. Anything to get out of "regular school"!

Before we went on our trip we did a little studying about Dams. My girls and I learned all about Beaver Dams. Now I know that is not the same thing, but they are used in similar ways. The girls also got to make little clay beaver dams.


Pie Pie had to make a beaver too. He's having a snack of wood.


Our field trip was almost rained out, but we went anyway. It was definitely overcast and humid, but we still had fun!
We got to go inside the dam and see how everything worked.

Some of the gauges and controls the dam operators check daily.


What a beautiful view!


Lots and lots of steps to go down and then up!

After our tour we went and had lunch down by the lake. They had picnic tables and a playground. My girls decided to get wet in the swimming area. I am very sorry to the other Moms. They did not ask me, but by the time I found out they were already wet. I figured it was to late to yell at them. They were having too much fun anyway!

They also enjoyed digging in the sand.

It was a wonderful day with lots of good friends!
I love to see a Smile on my girls' faces!

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